Dosing furnaces

Aluminium holding furnaces

Dosing furnaces

The Krownmatic is a furnace for aluminium holding without crucible, heated by means of electrical resistances of silicon carbide that includes an electronic dosing system. The furnace housing is thermally insulated and it is manufactured in carbon steel. The furnace lining is made of refractory concrete resistant to aluminium; this concrete has great toughness and hardness. Due to the refractories high quality and with proper maintenance being carried out, the furnace can reach a more than 10 year useful life.

The Krown dosing furnace has been developed to obtain high quality castings with minimum consumption, notwithstanding all the required safety measures to be taken into account.

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Krownmatic furnace models


  • Energy efficiency. Electric consumption is 1/3 less compared to traditional holding furnaces.
  • Accuracy in the dosing +/- 1%.
  • Guaranteed a less than 0,05% loss in aluminium due to oxidation.
  • Success in the mechanising thanks to the reduction of hard spots.
  • Increase in the castings mechanical properties in an 80%, as the aluminium oxide input is minimised.
  • Accuracy in temperature +/-1 C.
  • Real loading possibility while in production.
  • Minimum consumption of compressed air thanks to no de-pressurisation (averages > 10m3/h).



  • Possibility of including porous plugs and introduce protector gas (N2 or Ar) to improve the metal quality.
  • Spare part service for the machine’s perfect maintenance.